The philosophy of the school has been so designed to fall in line with the provisions of the national policy on Education. The aims and objectives of the school are spelt out in specific terms and they are:-
  1. Provision of sound education for secondary students to equip them for future educational progress.
  2. Provision of standard education and of higher quality that do not discriminate either sex, religion, ethnic group or race.
  3. Fostering the Nigerian unity through good education and with emphasis on the communities that unite us in our diversity.
  4. Provision of diversified curriculum that can effectively cater for differences in talents, opportunities and roles possessed by or opened to students after their Secondary School course.
  5. To equip the students to live effectively in our modern age of science and technology.
  6. For the development and projection of Nigerian culture, art and language as well as the global cultural heritage.
  7. To train the students in the fear of God through the teaching of religious instructions that can shape their life for their immediate and future living.